Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of our most frequently asked questions. If you can't find your question here, please send us an email at and we will help you as best we can

What does pre-order mean? 

The second edition of The Date Night Journal is underway, and it is available for pre-order! This means that you can secure your copy now and will receive it on the launch date - Tuesday, 30 August 2022. Pre-orders are very important to us, Isipho Esihle Publications, as they help us forecast demand as well as inform us as to how much we should print for our first print-run. 

What is a low content book?

The Date Night Journal (TDNJ) is a low content book it contains some written content, but far less than one would find in a typical book. TDNJ is not a reading book, as the title of the book suggests it is a “journal”.


What kind of dates ideas do you have?

The 52 date ideas in TDNJ range from stay-at-home dates, free dates or budget dates, outdoor activities, and eating-out dates. I tried my best to find a balance I think my personal experience of growing up in a small rural town in the Eastern Cape, studying and working in the City of Gold and having lived in Cape Town has really prepared me for a more balanced approach to these date ideas.


Do I buy one (1) TDNJ to share with my partner, or each partner must have their own TDNJ?

My husband and I use one (1) TDNJ for the both of us and ask questions aloud to each other while we take turns being the one to record the answers each week.


Are they the same questions every week?



Is TDNJ still good for young couples?

Yes, I encourage all couples to be intentional about their relationship and to develop healthy habits early in life. TDNJ is ideal for those couples who want to commit to regular weekly date nights and who want to be intentional about setting aside times to sit down together to reflect on their relationship and to address matters of the heart.   


I live outside of South Africa - can I order The Date Night Journal? 

Yes! The Date Night Journal is available worldwide, you can either order directly from us (kindly send us an email or you can order it on Amazon


I have the first edition of The Date Night Journal should I order the second edition too? 

Yes! Couples who have the first edition will also benefit from owning the second edition as it includes 52 conversation starters for each date night. The conversation starters provide endless fodder for conversation regardless of whether you’ve been dating for only a few weeks or been together for decades.